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Bringing years of experience in the digital world, Digital Talent Guide specializes in finding the best digital talent available nationwide.  The company sources sales, business development, marketing, ad operations, communications & PR candidates for brands, publishers and agencies and focuses on major digital markets like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle.

About Lynn Ingham

I’ve been a part of digital almost since the beginning, helping great media companies and platforms meet the needs of brands and agencies. Throughout my career I’ve been told that I have a real knack for finding exactly the right opportunities for companies and individuals. The secret, I think, is to understand both the stated and unstated needs of each. Companies and people really are unique, and the right match always exists if both are clear about what they each have to offer.   It is then that a network and an expert can uncover a great fit.

I began my career in tech media sales in the Bay Area. In 1997, I opened the San Francisco sales office of Advertising Age in the very early stages of the dot com “explosion”.  As myriad new interactive companies (Yahoo!, Google, eBay) emerged –  mostly in my designated sales territory - I developed a digital sales expertise.  Ultimately, I led all online sales efforts as National Online Advertising Director for the Ad Age Group sales staff.

After Ad Age, I joined Community Connect, one of the “first movers” in social media, where I helped launched many brands’ first forays into social. The sales success of my team helped drive the interest of integrated media companies -- in 2009 when Community Connect was acquired by Radio One, the leading traditional media company serving African Americans. There I led the digital sales teams in the West and the MidWest developing powerful multimedia programs that incorporated the Black Planet social network into national television, print, radio and events programs.

I then became Chief Executive Officer for New West, a next-generation media company dedicated to the culture, economy, politics, environment and lifestyle of the Rocky Mountain West.  The company’s core mission was to serve the Rockies with innovative, participatory journalism and to promote conversation that helps one understand and make the most of the dramatic changes sweeping this region.

One of my most rewarding projects has been serving as a co-founder, Past President and Chairman of SFBIG (www.sfbig.com).  Founded as a networking and educational group dedicated to supporting digital marketing innovation – and also to growing and developing digital media talent in the Bay Area - the group has grown to 1200 members from the advertising, marketing and media worlds.  My tenure as co-founder and leader for SFBIG prompted me to reach out to other digital marketing association leaders to develop a national IMA Alliance to enable groups across the country to share access to talent and resources.

My national network of brand, agency, sales, marketing and ad operations connections is based on years of personal experience in the digital trenches.  I possess a deep understanding of  the fast and furious rate of change continually sweeping our industry, and I stay connected to people who dedicate their professional careers to the growth and maturation of the digital media market.
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